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{googleMaps addr="ADDRESS OR Latitude/Longitude" label="GOOLE_MAP_LABEL" width=400 height=400}

Customization Options

  • lat - Lat: the latitude of the location to display on the map (an alternative to providing the address)
  • Long - Long: the longitude of the location to display on the map (an alternative to providing the address)
  • Zoom - Zoom: the initial zoom level of the map
  • Width - Width: width of the map embed
  • Height - Height: height of the map embed
  • Options - Options: Google map options.
  • control - Control: Additional controls to attach to the map.
  • maptype - Maptype: the type of map you want to display (roadmap, satellite, hybrid or terrain).
  • Lang - Lang: Language of map
  • Marker - Marker: whether you want to display the red marker showing the location specified by the address or longitude/latitude attributes.
  • Addoverview - Addoverview: whether to display the overview map control (the arrow in the bottom right corner that expands to show the region currently being viewed).
  • Addscale - Addscale: whether to display the scale control (the marking that tells you the distances represented in the map).
  • Streetview - Streetview: A Street View Panorama to display when the Street View pegman is dropped on the map. If no panorama is specified, a default Street View Panorama will be displayed in the map's div when the pegman is dropped.
  • Kml - Kml: A Kml Layer adds geographic markup to the map from a KML, KMZ or Geo RSS file that is hosted on a publicly accessible web server. A Kml Feature Data object is provided for each feature when clicked.
  • description - Description: A localized string describing the location.
  • label - Label: This is the label for the marker that indicates your designated address.
  • addr - Addr: You can display a Google Map by using your address or a latitude/longitude pair.
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